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Welcome to the New Jersey Grade School Wrestling League. NJGSWL is made up of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams across the central, eastern and northern parts of New Jersey.

Meeting Date Sept. 12th at North HunterdonNext Meeting , 9/22/2014 - Firehouse Location 7:15 PM

   There are 5 opportunities right now on our tournament page, the next tournament date is 11/23/2013.

Keith Inglin  3/11/2014 4:01:29 AM  Updated: Keith Inglin  3/11/2014 4:01:29 AM

Missing NJGSWL Champions Jacket

 One of our champions has reported that a jacket was lost at a wrestling tournament. Regardless of the reason I am posting this to be a point of contact should you find that item so I can return it to the rightful owner.

Please use the contact us link above or email me: Keith Inglin [ keith at njgswl dot com ] if you have any information.

If anyone see a champions jacket with 150lbs and it is not our guy please see what you can do to peacefully return it. 

Keith Inglin  2/23/2014 11:09:05 AM  Updated: Keith Inglin  2/23/2014 11:18:09 AM

Archives Updated with 2014 Results

 The NJGSWL Archive Page has been updated to include the newest information.

  • Results from the Final Exam
  • Civil War
  • Daniel R Hutchins Outstanding Wrestler
  • Division Standing
  • Win/Loss statistics
  • Fastest Pin
  • Wresters Matches Archive
To see the brackets and other results visit the page and click on either of the panoramic images. Enjoy. 

Mike Jakubik  2/19/2014 6:30:26 AM  Updated: Mike Jakubik  2/19/2014 6:30:26 AM


The following attachment is an application for the SPWC spring sessions. The form explains all the guest clinicians coming to the club. 
Thank you,
Mike Jakubik  

Mike Jakubik  2/18/2014 1:08:11 PM  Updated: Mike Jakubik  2/18/2014 1:08:11 PM


Hey guys sorry I did not upload this correctly the last time. This is the application for the South Plainfield Wrestling Tournament on February 23rd.

Keith Inglin  2/9/2014 7:46:42 PM  Updated: Keith Inglin  2/9/2014 7:46:42 PM

2014 Final Exam Results

2014 Final Exam Varsity Brackets

  2014 Final Exam Team Scores

Roy Rodriguez  1/31/2014 11:59:50 AM  Updated: Keith Inglin  2/6/2014 7:58:46 PM

Playoff Congratulations

Playoffs were held at Warren Hills and NJGSWL would like to congratulate South Plainfield for taking home the top prize.
Congratulations and thanks to Washington Y for hosting. 
1) South Plainfield
2) Watchung Hills
3) Long Valley
4) Washington
5) Phillipsburg
6) High Point
7) North Hunterdon
8) Randolph

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!! For your reward here is a free link to the top




Team Wrestled Done
Bridgewater 17 of 24 No
Del Val 18 of 24 No
East Brunswick 17 of 24 No
Flemington Elks 17 of 24 No
Franklin 16 of 24 No
High Point 17 of 24 No
Hillsborough 17 of 24 No
Kenilworth 16 of 24 No
Kittatinny 17 of 24 No
Lenape Valley 17 of 24 No
Long Valley 17 of 24 No
Newton 17 of 24 No
North Hunterdon 17 of 24 No
North Warren 17 of 24 No
Parsippany 17 of 24 No
Phillipsburg 16 of 24 No
Randolph 17 of 24 No
Ridge 17 of 24 No
South Plainfield 16 of 24 No
Sparta 17 of 24 No
Voorhees 17 of 24 No
Washington Y MS 18 of 24 No
Watchung Hills 17 of 24 No
Woodbridge 17 of 24 No


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